Every practice begins with the Ashtanga Yoga Opening Prayer, where we give thanks to Patanjali, who codified the eight-limbed path of yoga, and acknowledge all the teachers that walked the path before us.

In eastern traditions, teachers are revered and valued. Lineage and parampara (direct succession of teachers and students) are integral to the traditional way of teaching and receiving knowledge.

In this spirit and tradition, I would like to thank and acknowledge Margaret Chiu (authorized) who introduced me to the method of Ashtanga Yoga in Shanghai, China 2006. Sonya Hanlon, whom I practiced under and assisted. I learned more in her room than I could have ever imagined. Sonya continues to be an inspiration and a mentor. Noah Williams (certified) is my primary teacher today. I feel blessed to be under the guidance of a teacher who lives and breathes the practice in it's traditional form.

~Nina Collins