Ashtanga Yoga can be practiced regardless of age, body-type or ability. There are two different traditional class formats. In a Led class, the teacher calls out the poses and precise corresponding breaths and vinyasas. There are Led Primary Series classes, and there may also be Led Intermediate and Advanced Series classes. Led classes are also referred to as “conducted” classes. In a Mysore-style class, each student is practices at their own pace and to the level of series they have mastered. The teacher oversees the practice and gives one-on-one instruction and attention to each student.

Led Primary Series classes are appropriate if you have already learned and practice the series. Beginners will benefit from the extra attention and instruction of a Mysore-style class.

Regardless of the class format, the teacher-student relationship is very important in the traditional Ashtanga Yoga setting. Find ONE teacher that you trust and resonate with. Avoid jumping from teacher to teacher. The most senior Ashtanga Yoga teachers spent decades learning and practicing under one teacher: Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Note: If you are new to the practice, please arrive a little early and introduce yourself to the teacher.